groot using…frenzy plant? aha who knows i just wanted to paint these two again

i originally wanted to color this picture much more simply, but then decided that what is summer vacation free time good for if not rendering the hell out of things



✖️Bow down to a goddess✖️

#aaaaaaaaaa so cute #fashion

Idk why but i’ve been having these weird dreams lately about some kind of threat to the world and it’s always me who must save the world and idk is this a message? Will i be the next protagonist to a series? Will i have a cool magical girl outfit?

#so many questions


one request down, one more to go.

I really can’t complain though.  I actually like Aradia. 

ALRIGHTY THEN.  Time to fit in at least an hour of sleep tonight.  I’m just about dead. x_x



i won’t tell you that my voice is your favorite sound.



A smile as warm as sunshine & a pale yellow voice.

I just want these kids to smile and be canon. either way i am ready to be crushed. also their song is beautiful

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Kageyama + Character Development 
Kageyama is definitely changing! ~Sawamura Daichi~

#he's my favorite #hq!!


Alice, agency work

just a few cards issued


aaaaaa i started watching space dandy and i’m really liking it so far~

#i like the colors and the animation #also #SPAAAAAACE


some draws of genderbent swimmers

#sousukeeee #free! #genderbend

Title: Space Dandy Ending (Full) (X次元へようこそ)

Artist: やくしまるえつこ


Etsuko Yakushimaru 「X次元へようこそ/絶対ムッシュ制」

#music #space dandy

Title: Viva Namida

Artist: Yasuyuki Okamura


Title: Space ☆ Dandy OP Single - Viva Namida [Space Dandy Edition] 

Artist: Yasuyuki Okamura 

Release Date: 29/01/2014 

Type: Single Opening

#music #space dandy

石青 | A/Z log1

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baka! baka!